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Matt "MaGiK" Gike

A lifelong fan of Smash, Matt is one of the founders of Angry Burly Bros! As a former Nintendo brand ambassador and current education professional, Matt's affinity for gaming and working with youth makes him an extremely qualified figurehead for what our team represents! Whether he's leading day-of-event operations or social media coverage, Matt is the smiling face our community has come to love.  

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Tom "The Duck" Gike

One of ABB's founders, Tom’s love for Smash and hosting events is what brought him into the esports industry. His passion for project management and organization is cause for Tom to get hands-on with each event. Drawing social media plans, pushing post-event content to our platforms, and substituting for our production, you could say Tom is a man of many hats.


Neil "KinkyOats" Novoselac

An Ontario Smash favourite, Neil is Angry Burly Bros' creative director and head of production. When it comes to our event IP's, the ABB feel comes from our visual flair and Neil is the captain behind it all. Behind the screen as the technical director and up late at night building our creative assets, Neil is one of the hardest workers on the team.


Luke "Nitro" Farag

Entering the business behind the industry at 13 with his own community project, Smash Canada, Luke has spent the most time out of anyone on this team developing his skills. From photography and marketing to technical directing and operations, Luke has seen every side of the industry working not only with ABB but with Even Matchup Gaming, Greater Gaming, Waveform Entertainment and others!

Amanda Silva

Her first step into esports may be Angry Burly Bros but her work has been no less effective because of it! Much like others on this team, Amanda wears a lot of hats. Finance, production, logistics, and support are just a few of those hats and it helps keep the team organized and successful.


Taylor "Xyro" Wilson

Angry Burly Bros' signed player and assistant operations lead Taylor helps keep our events structured and on track while also representing our team in Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournaments in Canada and the United States! He's one of ABB's first team members and our first signed player.

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