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Angry Burly Bros is an Ontario, Canada based esports organization striving to expand the esports community across North America through event hosting, production, and promotion. Founded in late 2017, ABB has gone from just a small Super Smash Bros tournament series hosted out of a basement to a full esports event production while holding on to our grassroots beginnings. Since starting our team, we've produced, hosted, and broadcasted over 150 online and in-person events.

Today, our team consists of just over 10 people covering everything an esport event needs to succeed all the way from marketing and creative to broadcasting and operations.

Whether you're following along and watching our own event IPs like the Angry Summer Series or HABBY Birthday or one of our partner events that we're operating or broadcasting like EGLX 2019 and Revenge of the 6ix, always remember to STAY ANGRY!

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